Within the Grain Woodworking

Derek & Sue share a love of creativity. Using wood as our medium, we strive to make things you want to surround yourself with. It may be a tool useful for the kitchen, artwork for the walls, or even as simple as colourful spinning tops to entertain the kids. Whatever you choose, we hope it adds a special touch, especially knowing it was handmade.

  • About Derek

    After years as a carpenter, Derek turned his artistic eye to the wood lathe. His wood choices become bowls, spindles, and tops, among many things. You may also find him carving both wood and soapstone, taking inspiration from nature's beauty.

  • About Sue

    Sue's initial career was decades in the food industry. The challenge of learning to create with very different materials allows her to show off nature's beauty. Derek has taught her to see the beauty of the wood, within the grain.