Woodworking, Turning & Carving in Bourget, ON

The magic happens in our little garage shop. Hunks of wood are turned into bowls, slabs sanded into smooth charcuterie boards, and the tiniest pieces can be carved into birds, mice, and squirrels. Derek & Sue get inspiration from their rural surroundings and all their wildlife visitors. We hope you'll find something special that makes you smile.

  • Custom Ornament Display

    Oh my goodness the display is amazing! Look at this perfection! The ornament stand was perfect for my show!!! Thank you so much. Sold a ton of ornaments!


  • Custom Scarf Display

    This is so beautiful!!!! The pics do not do it justice. Thank you so much.


  • Canary Wood Charcuterie Board

    Our Friday night charcuterie board made of canary wood created by our friends Sue and Derek! It was amazing looking! Thank you so much!!

    L & T

  • Custom Sand Tray & Sphere Holder

    Hi !! Love it !! Turned out amazing !! Thank you so much !!



Whether for salad, snacks or completely decorative, each bowl will be as unique as the wood it is made of.

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In the Kitchen

So much to do in the kitchen and so little time! Make sure you have the right tools to make your life just a bit easier. For cooking, baking, or serving, these wooden creations will be your go-to no matter what you're doing.

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Standard Spinning Tops – Within the Grain Woodworking

Spinning Tops

The original fidget spinner! Our tops come in different shapes, sizes and woods. We ensure each one is well-balanced for maximum spinning. Not just for kids either!

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Handcrafted from a variety of woods, our products are here to last and look great.

  • Step 1 – Collect

    We first collect wood from a variety of local sources. Choosing mainly domestic hardwoods, we ensure it's been kiln dried for durability.

  • Step 2 – Craft

    Then, with everything from chisels and lathe, to saws and sanding, we create whatever we need and YOU want.

  • Step 3 – Care

    Last, we care for the items in a variety of ways. It many be our own beeswax creme, or permanent finishes. All ensure your heirloom pieces will last for decades.